In all Pokemon games, after collecting 8 badges and passed the Victory Road, it is time for them to face the elite four, the elite four are four trainers you use a specific type of Pokémon, and are bascially hard to beat.

Elite Four(1st Match Normal Mode) Edit

Shauntal Edit

Shauntal is the first elite four member she uses Ghost Type Pokemon.


Pokemon Name Jellicent Drifblim Cofagrigus Golurk Sableye Chandelure
Level 72 72 72 72 72 74
Item Sitrus Berry Flame Orb Leftovers Expert Belt Lagging Tail White Herb
Ability Cursed Body Flare Boost Mummy Iron Fist Prankster Shadow Tag
Move 1 Ice Beam Protect Shadow Ball Shadow Punch Trick Overheat
Move 2 Shadow Ball Shadow Ball Attract Earthquake Recover Shadow Ball
Move 3 Scald Thunder Disable Thunder Punch Will-o-Wisp Energy Ball
Move 4 Double Team Psychic Toxic Ice Punch Foul Play Psychic

Grimsley Edit

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