Nature Preserve is a location thats not located in unova, instead, you have to get a permit(Which is earned by seeing every pokemon in the unova dex). Then heading to Mistradon City and travel to Nature Preserve. This area in Blaze Black and Volt White Contain the unova starters, the eeveeolutions, and a shiny arceus. All wild pokemon can range from legal level in the orginal pokemon games to the maxium level. In addtion, you can battle the trainers of Pokemon Black and White, Hilbert and Hilda

Shiny ArceusEdit

Somewhere in this area, you can find yourself the god of all pokemon, arceus. Arceus is located in the same area where the shiny haxorus can be orginally find, and just like the shiny haxorus, Arceus is shiny as well.

Hilbert and HildaEdit

As a bonus to nature preserve, you will find Hilbert up a waterfall and Hilda in a patch of grass. When you talk to them, they only say ... with a yes or no option to battle. If you say yes, a battle will begin for them. There team is consisted of Unova Pokemon, with the legendary pokemon. There pokemon are mostly level 95 to 100. In challange mode, there pokemon are over level 100. This is mostly the final battle of the game.

Wild PokemonEdit

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